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One of a kind 'Connecting kids to nature and wildlife, art project at a time!
Saving kids and wildlife, art project at a time!
"You're our kind of people--helping children connect with nature!",
--Francis Keiser, Author, Pelican Pete (5 national award-winning books)
"Painting With Pat has come up with all sorts of new and artistic ways for students to express their creativity while focusing on wildlife and endangered species."
--Diane Hendry, Outreach Coordinator, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Red Wolf Recovery Program
"What a wonderful organization",
--Karen McDiarmid, Carl R. Sams II Photography, Inc.
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Our Partner in Wildlife Conservation!
Our Partner in Wildlife Conservation!
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'Thanks to YOU and your wonderful organization for making such a difference in children's lives.
YOU are the angels on earth.'
--Donna M. Jackson, Author--
Wildlife Artist, 'Pat' in studio
Paula Deen, from the famous television cooking show, supported Painting With Pat, Hall of Trees fundraiser of 2010, 2011 and this year 2012!
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"I checked out your website, It's pretty cool!"
--John Fisher, U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service/NCTC --
'Kids are our future...thanks for all you do.'
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If it chirps, sqeaks, slithers, flutters, hops, sings, crawl...Pat will 'connect' you to it through the 'ARTS'!
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Let 'Pat' take YOU on a  'wild' excursion' on Pat's YouTube channel!
Let's Go Painting!
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From Hand prints to Nature casts, Pat turns the wild environment into an ART Studio!
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We would like to 'THANK'  Shannon and Melissa Wickline for  creating the 'Pat TRacks' theme song, written and performed by Melissa Wickline !
Kids can identify with this tree hugging, wildlife loving, up-close and personal 'Wildlife Artist & Instructor', as she avoids being trampled, stung or bitten, while tracking wildlife to give the kids an up-close look at the wild animal or insect! Pat teaches the kids how to look for clues to identify wildlife, (like feathers, bits of fur, tracks and even scat) and illustrates simple art techniques to draw, paint or sculpt the animal on location in the wild. Kids take part in engaging hands-on activities of adventure, mystery, wildlife conservation, and sometimes wildlife rescue!
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -----Benjamin Franklin
Let's Go Painting!
When Pat cannot take the kids out in the 'WILD' on the Pat TRacks Refuge to learn about the animals and create art...Pat brings the 'WILD' to the classroom with 'School Programs'!
Pat TRacks Wildlife Refuge
Get Inspired and Listen to the Pat TRacks Theme Song Created by the Charlie Daniel's Band Members!
Pat teaches the kids about the animal's habitat and what animals live in the cold creek.
Kids get 'hands-on' experience with the wildlife!
Painting With Pat promotes 'Wildlife Conservation' through the 'ARTS'!
Throw out your old ideas about art class and....
Pat gives the kids an up-close look at the wild animal or insect! Pat teaches the kids how to look for clues to identify wildlife, (like feathers, bits of fur, & tracks !
The kids are learning how to pour a cast of an animal track!
The kids are getting their feet wet as they explore the creek for wildlife and meeting their acquatic neighbors!!
Thank YOU 'Wild Side TV' for giving us an opportunity to reach out & Connect the whole world to Nature and Wildlife through the 'ARTS' !
Pat works hard everyday with activities that give kids the opportunity to meet their 'wildlife Neighbors'!
It isn't just a stroke of paint, but... a brush with wildlife!
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On all local PBS Stations!!